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Transforming Art Trucks Across America

April 27, 2011

Just got my ear blasted when a kid in our building pulled the fire alarm. Loudest alarm ever. I can’t concentrate with the ear pain, so I’m catching up on art news instead of doing art work.

I just read about this awesome, traveling, mobile multi-discipline arts exhibit. This 18 wheeler transforms into the exhibit space. The exhibit itself is about who, what, where we are in America post 9/11, but not meant to be political. It is meant to provoke dialogue with towns across the country. The interesting interview with the organizer, Eric Fischl says it much than me.

Although, he is a bit harsh towards digital art (which I make), he makes good points about the general public not really understanding that art must be appreciated in person to get it’s intended scale, etc. This is the same sort of thing as David Lynch being offended by viewers watching his movies on small phones instead of in theaters. Although, I agree with Fischl, I also feel there is a place for digital art and it must not be dismissed. Art should be viewed where it was intended to be experienced, which could be on a phone, museum, truck, cafe, or home, etc. That depends the artist and the viewer.

Check it out:

Don’t worry it’s not too artsy fartsy. 🙂

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